Monday, March 19, 2018

10 Second Anime - Killing Bites - Episode 10

The fight between Kido and everyone else gets desperate until Hitomi awakens another form.

10th Bite - "Let's Go Together"


How long is Eruza going to stay stuck in Kaori's Civetone Wrap? Seems like forever now since Kaori got shoved down a hole. Probably not even a minute at this point, though.

Pangolins aren't known to be aggressive or quick, so I don't know where Kido gets these qualities, unless they're just part of his normal personality. Normal, hah!

Okay, that's a pangolin ball.

Well, Taiga's going to lose that paw. Ouch!

Suddenly, Sumo Logan!

And there goes an eye! Wow, this is gory. No guts hanging out yet. Although Sumo Logan and Taiga aren't looking too good there with holes in their middles.

Yoko is going a little nutso. She's starting to act like her grandpa with that crazy tongue action.

Ui doesn't know what to do! Wait, of course she does. Dig a hole!

Whoa! Honey badger white! Is this Hitomi's final form?

Okay, Hitomi's origin story flashback.

Hee! Literally Origin Beast story.

Ah. So Shidou's big secret about Hitomi is that she was just found like that. No genetic modification. She was already a therianthrope running around Hong Kong.

Shidou wants his meat bun back! The locals call her The Wild One. Good enough.

Ouchie. Shidou better have his rabies booster shots up to date.

Har. Hitomi always just liked plain white cotton.

That's interesting. You can see the little animal turn even redder when she gets mad and is about to attack. Are they going to make a point of this in the final battle?

Aw. Shidou named the Wild One Hitomi not for the "human body" meaning of the phoneme, but for the word corresponding to "eye" because she had a spark of intelligence behind her eyes.

Oho. Mai is the enforcer of Shidou's group. Now she just screams orgasmically into a microphone.

Welp. The local mafia isn't going to like Shidou and his muscle running around, but Shidou is a bit more than a mad scientist and isn't afraid of guys like that.

Woof. Mai kicks ass! And we see where Hitomi remembers the "coming" scene when she broke out of the lesbian gas. Shidou said the title to little Hitomi.

And we're back to White Honey Badger who sharpened her mind's fangs, not just the ones in her mouth. Eruza can't believe what she's not seeing. So fast!

Har. Oshie really hates Nomoto, but she has no power behind those kicks. Kick harder, Oshie!

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