Sunday, February 25, 2018

Omake Gif Anime - Slow Start - Episode 8 - Tama Hana Judge Eiko's Bikini

Tama immediately declared Eiko's bikini choice erotic. Hana agreed.

Hana's friends concentrated on letting her meet everyone in their homeroom class. It's already been half a semester and she just barely talked to Nanae. Conversation included news that Hana is not a good swimmer.

Speaking of swimming, the girls decided they needed new swimsuits if they want to go to the beach. Eiko drew some bullying from the rest of her friends because cited the "lie" that boobs can grow in high school.

Kamuri claimed she didn't need a new swimsuit because her junior high school suit still fit. Even so, if you look closely behind Eiko's dazzling body, you can see she tried one on anyway.

See? Her blue ribbons are right there! We'll have to wait until the real beach episode to see the full impact of Eiko's suit and what Kamuri's suit looked like. Hana needs to invite Nanae...

It's Summer in the show, but the end card shows a Winter scene.

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