Sunday, February 25, 2018

Omake Gif Anime - Darling in the FranXX - Episode 7 - Zero Two and Shooting Stars

Zero Two got her wish of seeing the ocean, so is she making a new wish on these shooting stars?

Aw yeah! It was the beach episode, with all that implied!

Dr. Franxx supplied their little lagoon, complete with beach town ruins. Zero Two and Ichigo shared a moment of serious discussion about kisses, Kokoro inadvertently picked up a brochure on where babies come from, and Miku got tired of all the walking.

Zorome and Futoshi had to eat their hearts out watching Miku steal the coveted Kokoro lap pillow.

Instead of the usual end sequence with the Squad 13 girls dressed as high school girls walking home from school, those high school girls went on a beach trip! Much appreciated.

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