Friday, February 23, 2018

10 Second Anime - Dagashi Kashi S2 - Episode 7

Kokonotsu hires Hajime to work at the shop while he's at school for room and board.

Episode 7 - "Hajime Owari, Chocoball, and ..."


Over halfway done with the season and we finally have the third cute girl in the opening and closing credits join the candy craziness. Meet Hajime Owari, the beginning and the end, a 20 year old college dropout who was just fired from the convenience store across the way. As you can easily tell, she's desperate for employment.

And So.

Let's talk about this episode! Hajime just showed up and she's already handling the "de, de" eye catches.

Now Hiring.

Kokonotsu doesn't know if the shop can afford it, but they can't not afford to have the shop open during school hours, so they need to have part-time staff.

It's pretty clear from how Hajime walks into the shop with her rolling suitcase that she needs a job, any job, really quick.

According to her resumé, it is November 2017 in the show.

Ah. Her personal reasons for "leaving" her last job is that she oversleeps. I guess that's technically correct...

Kokonotsu is a shrewd manager. "Thank you for your interview and..."

Oh, hey! If she lives at the shop and is only compensated for rent, she'll never be late for work! Except that a 20 year old college dropout will be under the same roof as a 15 year old boy while his father is in the hospital... Obviously the answer is -

Done Hiring.

Hajime fills in the fetishes that's been missing from this show that Hotaru almost filled. We sometimes got glasses, Hotaru's nice ass was there all the time, but we never had bedhead that looks like sexed up hair, sheer pantyhose with black pumps, and tight office lady skirt and short jacket. Hajime is here to help!

Obviously, Saya is not going to like this development.

Kokonotsu still has to handle the snack infomercials, but Hajime can fill in some packaging design tidbits.

Oh, and they can share the same nerdy habits of collecting prize pieces for a chance to win.

What's funny about Kokonotsu's reluctance to hire Hajime for room and board is that his father would have done the same thing without the job interview. They're both shrewd in their own ways.

And yup. Saya does not like this new young lady apparently living with Kokonotsu.

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