Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Omake Gif Anime - Hajimete no Gal - Episode 10 [END] - Yukana Kiss Goodbye

The season finale answered the will-they-won't-they kiss question. Yukana played it off as a casual kiss goodbye, but it was a big deal for her. Junichi too!

Ranko had to save Junichi's bacon after taking on the man sluts disparaging Yukana. Junichi's friends helped too.

Yukana wore the sweater dress (almost a virgin-killer, eh?) for her make-up date with Junichi to an amusement park. Those photo booth instructions sure did encourage girly kissing action.

Well, I'm kind of sad to see the show end so early, but this is probably all they could do without the animation quality taking even more of a hit. It's too bad that also meant a huge lack of quality fanservice in the back half of the season too.

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