Saturday, August 12, 2017

Omake Gif Anime - Kakegurui - Episode 6 - Midari Headpats Yumeko

Yumeko acts so cute when she knows gambling is involved. But when wagering gets started...

Mary is pretty adamant that Yumeko needs to pay off her debt. Not out of any concern, but she just doesn't want to owe Yumeko anything.

Yumeko looks like such an innocent soul. She wasn't mad that Midari handcuffed her, just surprised.

Ah, there's that crazy look Yumeko gets when the wagering starts and the stakes get higher. Life and death is a pretty high stake.

Midari's Beautification Committee underlings have quite the physiques and the fashion sense to show them off. Midari, not so much.

Kirari the Student Council President wants Mary to join the Student Council. Kirari's persuasion skills look more like extreme seduction, though.

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