Sunday, August 13, 2017

10 Second Anime - Vatican Kiseki Chousakan - Episode 6

Roberto and Joseph investigate a prophet's body at a mission in Africa.

Episode VI - "God Bestows Upon Us All His Revelations"


We're back to regular order. A new miracle needs to be investigated.

This painter prophet just predicted a calamity from below the island. That oil company doing the drilling isn't going to like that.

That beautiful androgynous person, probably a man for the yaoi fans, is the largest character on the promo art for this show. Are we going to stick with this investigation until the end of the season?

Suddenly, we're 18 months later and that prophet has died, but his body has not decomposed. The incorrupt corpse is a common miracle for saints, so this has become a sainthood investigation too.

John Jordan... supposed to invoke John the Baptist?

Ha! The guy even had a coffee table book with his paintings. His writing partner is named Kid Goldman. I don't like the idea of an old man named Kid.

Bah! Prophecies coming from the Akashic Records? I already saw that show. It had much cuter girls than this one.

Still digging the old-timey map travel for transitions. Too bad they didn't show where they landed after crossing the equator over Africa.

Joseph gets seasick? Also, he needs his eating bib even while traveling on an airplane. Weird guy.

Welp, they're starting to load up the mysteries. There's an FBI guy investigating a missing person case and the two priests just happened to stumble across the body.

Watch out now. Pregnant corpse with a missing baby... can we avoid the antichrist stuff for even one miracle investigation?

This place likes strange columns too. What's up with that for the author of this story? This setting is presumably near the Solomon Islands, so maybe those things are like the statues on Easter Island?

Why does the sky look like a Van Gogh painting?

The mission is called Saint Carmel. Another Catholic institution on secluded grounds. The blondie from the prologue is in charge of the place and a medical doctor, Fr. Julia Michael Borje.

The missionary order was founded in 1538, but how long have they been on this island?

Update: the next episode made it clear they were in Africa, not the South Pacific. They must have traveled along a river to get to the mission.

Roberto sets up his stuff quick!

An oil company is the Catholic hospital's main benefactor. That's setting up a motive to silence the prophet John Jordan.

These huts with the bodies have a strange incense cloud inside them.

John had the stigmata too.

Something is going on with Roberto. Like he recognized the prophet. He's keeping his thoughts to himself, though, as the anime convention keeps his eyes shaded over for almost the entire rest of the episode.

This John guy staggered into the monastery with amnesia. Convenient.

Roberto's going to die! Nah. I'm seeing a switcheroo on which emissary is getting tempted by the Devil. Also, that painting looks like Roberto avoiding a hanging, not dying. Time to be suspicious of that Fr. Julia.

Why is this Kid Goldman guy still here if John has been dead for 18 months? And John's notes were written in Italian. Roberto's long lost father?

Oh boy. Fr. Julia does self-flagellation. Calm down fujoshi. Also, this practice was supposed to be discontinued. No wonder Julia wants Joseph to keep it a secret. Keeping secrets is going to be used as a device to foment jealous feelings on Roberto's part, I'm sure.

Some natives are still practicing their old religion. Volcano god?

Roberto got a whiff of their incense. Are we going to have zombies as part of the plot?

Boo! Yaoi preview couch doesn't give anything away. Just Roberto being preoccupied and not really listening to Joseph gush about his cooking.

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