Monday, August 14, 2017

Omake Gif Anime - Isekai Shokudou - Episode 7 - Kuro Dresses Like Aletta

Kuro the Black Dragon learned she had to put on clothes to enter the Nekoya restaurant. Aletta's uniform was the closest thing for Kuro to emulate.

Pork cutlet (Alturia the mage) made fun of Rice Curry (Admiral Flugel) for always ordering the same thing, but then Flugel learned there was such a thing as Spicy Chicken Curry.

The Nekoya door somehow found its way to the Moon where Kuro lives and she decided to come in for a visit. She wasn't as prepared as she thought she was, though.

Flugel offered to pay for Kuro's orders of chicken curry, but their mealtime quickly devolved into a speed eating contest.

Aka the Red Dragon Queen quickly recognized one of her sisters, but warned her about using her powers of decay in her realm. She also got Kuro a job because she had no money to pay for food when she came back. Aletta got a bit miffed and troubled by the implications, but this was to be expected. You put a cute girl in a waitress outfit, she's going to start waiting tables.

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