Wednesday, August 09, 2017

Omake Gif Anime - Hajimete no Gal - Episode 4 - Ranko Stands Up

Ranko struck the 3-point power stance when she "rescued" Junichi from the clutches of a "Serious Gal."

Yui, the class rep, hides an alter ego named Boa which she streams on niconico, or whatever they call it in this show. She doesn't like how Yukana has taken the attention of one of her subjects, Junichi.

Junichi got to have lunch with a cute girl for the first time in his virgin life. He wished Yukana would hand feed him some fried chicken.

Unfortunately for him, they were joined by the overprotective and yuri jealous Ranko. No lovey-dovey couple stuff was going to happen on her watch!

Yui invited Junichi out to a cafe and his inner fantasies went wild with the straight-laced Yui making a pass at him. His body was ready, though.

Yukana was a little miffed at Yui trying to monopolize Junichi's attention, but she trusted her cherry boyfriend to come back to her.

Yui references high school fantasies by resting in the nurse's office. Maybe she should have taken Junichi there instead of the roof where her plans for him could be interrupted.

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