Wednesday, August 09, 2017

Omake Gif Anime - Hajimete no Gal - Episode 5 - Nene Consults Gal Dictionary

Nene just turned into a Gal, so she still needed to check on the proper slang. Too bad slang dictionaries don't tell you which terms are current...

Junichi thought he had a good dream going, but found a strange girl in his bedroom instead. It was just Nene, what?! Nene is technically a PA-Gal, or half-Gal, someone pretending to be a Gal by using outdated slang and fashion.

Junichi's lolicon pervert friend was excited to see this short girl hanging on him until she found out she was a high school student too.

Nene realized she couldn't compete with Yukana's full Gal aura, but she could beat her with breast size. Even Ranko agreed that Nene was biggest.

Nene became desperate and threw herself at Junichi. Bold moves for a childhood friend.

Junichi decided on his own path of losing virginity. I think it's kind of endearing that his talisman was Yukana's good morning selfie.

The two fake gals Boa (Yui) and Nene feature in the end card this week.

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