Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Omake Gif Anime - Sakura Quest - Episode 9 - Yoshino Ready for Somen Game

Buckled in and geared up, Yoshino was ready to do battle with the somen machine.

Angelica tried to make a point that people are made of somen (not true) and Kadota made a point that Yoshino should move forward with confidence, but she needs to make a turn at the T intersection first.

The robotics guy needs to adjust his tea dispenser a little bit.

Yoshino and the robotics dude had a plan for the food festival. Why would Yoshino need a swimsuit, though?

This was the most Locodol scene of the whole show so far. Yoshino had a surprise to contribute to the somen themed food festival.

She had the robotic dude turn the flowing somen pastime into a video game, complete with traps and hazards. The little kids loved the idea, but it seemed a bit messy (and suggestive) for the older folks.

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