Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Omake Gif Anime - Renai Boukun - Episode 10 - Shikimi Blows a Kiss

The girls invaded Seiji's house when his parents went way on a short trip. Shikimi made a special point to cause mischief with other couples in public.

Seiji had no time to relax with the girls competing in domestic duties and invading his private space.

The highlight of the episode was Seiji kissing Akane with heartfelt emotion. It was nice to see a small moment of genuine love in a love farce.

Those nice feelings didn't last for long when Seiji woke up to an outrageous violent aftermath of harem dynamics from the night before. Big news that's not really surprising: Shikimi sleeps in the nude.

The other half of the episode dealt with Akua's feelings about her big brother getting taken away by all the strange girlfriends. She was able to defeat the weird stalker penguin Stolas by herself as a symbol of not needing Seiji to rescue her and no longer being scared of abandonment.

The end card showed Akane and Shikimi with their special "tools."

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