Monday, June 05, 2017

Omake Gif Anime - Eromanga-sensei - Episode 8 - Sagiri Suits Up

Sagiri geared up to convert the house into full shut-in mode.

Masamune has had many conversations with Sagiri through her bedroom door, but it's only recently that she's opened the door for him, so perhaps it's understandable that he keeps getting hit in the face.

Sunlight on the floor is lava! Sagiri made sure she only feels artificial light on her skin.

A certain Kuroneko person made a cameo while Sagiri was home alone.

Elf appeared in front of Masamune at the right time to create a fun event. In her school uniform, no less.

Ayame the editor appeared to be helping Muramasa with modern teen girl fashion, which gave her the opportunity to see the poor girl freak out over talking to a boy.

All the girls dressed in their Summer yukata, even Eromanga-sensei eavesdropping behind closed doors.

The end card gave us the Sagiri fanservice we missed when she was figuring out how to put on that yukata.

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