Monday, June 05, 2017

Omake Gif Anime - Eromanga-sensei - Episode 9 - Muramasa's Sexy Blue Bikini

We got the classic training camp beach episode for Masamune the harem king, complete with the reserved Muramasa maneuvered into wearing a skimpy swimsuit.

Elf is full of Summer schemes. Using the excuse of a writing workshop for the young band of light novelists, she convinced Muramasa to come to the Yamada resort with the promise of reading some of Masamune's unpublished works.

But first, Muramasa received some teasing by being forced to wear a revealing blue bikini, or nothing at all, just so Elf could spend some alone time with Masamune on the beach.

Elf shot Masamune right through the heart (or somewhere else) with that tiny striped two piece.

The cover story was that the writing workshop would let the kids gather "data" for writing about romantic situations on the beach, like splashing in the ocean, or apply sunscreen lotion. Elf got some details wrong in how that top is supposed to come off...

Elf's real reason for the island getaway was to declare openly her own romantic intentions toward Masamune. In her own style, she let it be known that Masamune would be the one to propose to her and by calling her by her true name, Emily.

The end credits played very much like One Room from last season, as if the audience had just "played through" Elf's route in a galge. Here's hoping we get a similar sequence with Muramasa next episode.

The end card has "Emily" practicing inviting Masamune to call her by her real name.

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