Thursday, May 11, 2017

Omake Gif Anime - Saekano S2 - Episode 5 - Eriri Sees Inspiration

Eriri saw in her mind's eye the inspiration she needed to illustrate the new route in the game.

Megumi's transformation into a heroine is getting ahead of schedule. The kids just watched Megumi reject a love confession and the other girls, especially Utaha, didn't like Tomoya's jealous reaction.

Utaha also didn't like how happy Tomoya was for Megumi rejecting the poor boy because dates on the weekend would interfere with the game development schedule.

Meanwhile, the real problem for the game was Eriri getting overwhelmed with the workload and going through the stages of artist burnout.

I was glad to see the wrong order waitress make a return to the show, but she didn't turn into a running joke like the first time around.

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