Friday, May 12, 2017

Omake Gif Anime - Hinako Note - Episode 6 - Ruriko Accuses Hinako

The dress rehearsal started with Ruriko accusing Hinako of murder! Well, the play is a murder mystery, so that makes sense.

Mayu's class did the Anemone Maid Cafe, naturally. Mayu's friends thought she was in the Go Home Club because she looked like she usually did, instead of a special uniform.

Hinako got excited over Kuina's descriptions of the cultural festival food. Kuina had sampled them all already!

Kuina and Yua freaked out when they learned Hinako forgot all her lines because she looked at the other actors' lines in the script.

These end cards take interesting angles on the cute girls in this show. I need to remind you that Ruriko is allegedly 9 years old. Allegedly...

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