Thursday, May 04, 2017

Blog Programming Note - No Giro Jot Feature This Year

Pretty much sums up how I feel about watching the 2017 Giro in North America.

We've gone back to the future, in a high tech way this year for grand tour coverage of a non-Tour de France grand tour. It used to be cable companies didn't want to waste money on broadcasting a live sporting event for three weeks straight for a very few interested in it. And now cable companies don't want to waste lots of money on broadcasting something very few are actually motivated to watch. But there are people motivated to watch it, and they will, if they pay 44 dollars to watch on their streaming devices.

The problem for me is that you have to buy Fubo's sports channel bundle for 35 bucks, which has all the sports channels you already have on cable, and then pay 9 dollars for the cycling package, in which some races are on the channels you already have, but some are not. Like the Giro. If I were a cord-cutter, this would make sense. But I'm not and I refuse to pay for things I already have just to get something for three weeks.

Since I can't watch hours and hours of leg churning pedaling action, I don't know what jot of info wouldn't be covered by the cycling sports media, since that's how I'll be getting my news of the race anyway. Maybe next year Fubo will offer a real a la carte streaming selection, but I'm not paying twice for TV channels this year.


  1. hello
    Go to free french sport channel.The channel 'l'équipe' is all Giro's right tv.

    1. Unfortunately, that video page is region locked to France. And the other places to watch L'Equipe's channel as a live stream don't really help me when I need to record the live stage to watch later. Thanks for trying to help me out.