Sunday, May 21, 2017

Omake Gif Anime - Hinako Note - Episode 7 - Chiaki Splashes

It was the Beach Episode this week and we got to see Chiaki splashing around in that nice swimsuit we saw in the End Card a couple episodes back.

Yua was all in for the Kuina's idea of going to the beach to celebrate the successful school play. Mayu was all in for helping Hinako get a proper swimsuit.

Obviously a beach episode requires swimsuit shopping. The girls have to be seen in all sorts of different outfits for adequate amounts of fanservice. Chiaki and Hinako, we salute your efforts! Also, Mayu, nice try...

Kuina's running joke of the friendly shark coming to meet Hinako was comedy gold.

At the beach, the girls made sure to properly stretch and gauge their swimming abilities. Chiaki is a natural elite swimmer, while Kuina needs a little floating help.

No surprise that the girls ran into professional 9 year old actress Ruriko at the beach. The child helped an older child trying her best not to look like a lost child. It somehow worked out.

Fun Summer beach memories! I could swear that train ride home was from Kamakura with how the shot of the train crossing that street looked.

Yua gets the strangest angles for her end cards. Last time, it was armpits. This time, it's the nape of the neck.

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