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10 Second Anime - Shingeki no Kyojin S2 - Episode 33

Eren is abducted after the Colossal Titan's attack. The Cavalry regroup before searching for Eren and the other Titans.

Episode 33 - "The Pursuers"


The official simulcast translation for 追う者 (oumono) was "hunter," but the words actually mean "one who follows or pursues." This fits much better the focus on Armin, Mikasa, and even Hannes as they've been following Eren after he's run off to get into trouble from back when they were kids and Hannes was a local patrolman.

Bertholdt as the Colossal Titan just turned himself into a big steam bomb and blew away the other scouts as he landed on Eren. Why didn't he hurt the Armored Titan as well? Reiner's back was facing up and should have taken the brunt of the fall. Whatever. Stuff happened and Eren had to be abducted along with Ymir. No mention of the other scout that was thrown into the Colossal Titan's mouth at the same time as Ymir. I assume he or she died.

Slap that bald head!

Central Command just got caught up with everything that happened out in the countryside. Jean took it hard that there were three other Titans in his cadet class besides Eren and Annie. He may as well ask who isn't a Titan at this point.

Hannes came over to check on Armin and his little suggestion about getting enough to eat was a neat way to fall into the flashback tying the three kids and him together.

Mikasa so cray-cray for Eren!

Ha! Hannes saw Eren fighting and he just sat there because he knew what, or who, was coming soon enough. Talk about a big show!

The soldiers liked seeing the bullies get some too. That's quality entertainment.

This is the mirror to current events where Eren has taken off again and his usual followers will have to go after him, again. Hannes knew the kids well enough that he could say with fondness that Mikasa and Armin got left behind by Eren again.

Hannes is a good adult figure for the worried kids. He reminded them that Eren is a Shouty McShouterson, er, I mean, he's a guy who never gives up even when the odds are against him.

These eye catches are getting lazy. We used to get them as trivia for stuff we saw happening on the screen. In these last two episodes, they've been deliberate hints to pivotal moments in the plot. Last week, it was Titan Martial Arts. That was blatant. This week, it was the Cracker, or hard tack field ration.

With all this chomping, we get a callback to the flashback and how Armin's bread got stolen and that's all been tied into a common thread for Hannes, Armin, and Mikasa to eat bread and get ready to run after Eren again.

Erwin and the Cavalry just rode on top of the wall with the replacement horses instead of loading them on a train car. That was a faster idea.

Hange still thinks the Titans don't move at night. She better talk to the kids that were attacked in the castle. These Titans that didn't come through a breach in the wall are different.

Cavalry Assemble! I notice that Christa got proper boots and pants but Conny did not. Sexism?

Conveniently, the Titans are all in that forest Hange pointed out. Ymir's missing limbs are coming in nicely. Somehow Eren's arms were ripped off. Perhaps the Armored Titan's extraction process was pretty rough.

I always find it interesting how the Titan bodies disappear once the pilot leaves. It takes a while and there's a lot of steam, but at some point those small human bodies are going to grow another of those big meat suits. That takes a lot of energy. Aren't these guys hungry? Or do they just need to sleep in the sunlight for a while? Well, we may get some info with four Titans talking to each other with their secrets out in the open.

Next time, lots of shouting from Shouty McShouterson at Reiner and Bertholdt.

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