Sunday, May 14, 2017

Omake Gif Anime - Eromanga-sensei - Episode 6 - Tomoe Scary Schemer

Tomoe is a formidable advocate of light novels. She won't just get mad that you call them "creepy," she'll also get even!

Tomoe had a righteous reaction to Megumin calling illustrated novels "creepy otaku books." Her revenge was to make Megumin buy the ones with cliffhangers and long-delayed sequels. Dastardly!

After Megumin got a taste of light novels to find some common ground with Sagiri, she hatched a plan with Masamune to borrow some of her favorite volumes.

Sagiri didn't like that idea very much...

But! Sagiri hammered out a compromise. Megumin could be a model for her artwork, as long as she was blindfolded and bound. Oh man. This show... Megumin did become a new acquaintance, so there was progress.

Megumin became the model for another character in Masamune's new light novel project. Elf came along to help him negotiate an earlier publishing date.

Ayame the editor had another idea: a contest between five authors in the teen romance genre to win a Fall publishing slot.

However, drama! Murumasa, the popular young author that took Masamune's original publishing date, vowed to take this new one away again! What's her problem? I suppose we'll find out next time.

Did you know the broadcast version of this show had end cards? I just found out half-way through the season. Here we see Tomoe's revenge taking hold and Megumin acting like a light novel ojousama. Nicely done, she says.

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