Monday, May 15, 2017

Omake Gif Anime - Frame Arms Girl - Episode 7 - Baselard Falls

While Ao was away, the Frame Arms Girls will play... hide and seek! Baselard wasn't too good at this game.

Baselard became the first loser and had to go seeking the others in the next round. She chose her trusty steed Sleipni-taro to help her, but then she got bored and sleepy.

A new FA Girl joined the party, Hresvelgr! That's Danish for a giant eagle monster of some sort. She was only sent by the company as a ringer to get data on how Gourai loses a match since she was undefeated against the other girls.

Gourai's friends had different ideas on how she could remove the frustration she felt at losing.

Bukiko came over because she was summoned by Architect, or something like that. She and FA Girls did a little dance to explain to Ao and Gourai how the little fighters are made.

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