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10 Second Anime - sin Nanatsu no Taizai - Episode 5

Lucifer competes against Astaroth the Demon Lord of Melancholy for music fans.

Episode 5 - "The Languid Diva"


We're back after missing a week because they put together a recap episode. Usually not a good sign. Things to note about that episode - still the same opening credits but what I thought was a new ending credit sequence was actually the full music video Belial and Belphegor shot for Astaroth in this episode, which embarrassed her greatly. It was neat to watch most of it without credits flashing all over it, but they didn't show the whole thing. Oh well. Give a little, get a little. Also, no end card last week either.

So, why did they need to waste a week on a recap episode? Probably because of all the extra dubbing they needed to do for the songs in this episode. Yes, this episode was the parody of all those cringy music drama anime, with Astaroth as the moody emo star. Makes sense now, doesn't it? They also added a few more original scenes to the opening credits instead of just stealing everything from the first episode.

I thought this episode was going to be about Sloth, because when I hear "languid," I hear "lazy, low-energy." If you're depressed, I suppose you can be low energy as well, but I was surprised that Astaroth was the focus. At least Belphegor the lazy demon does show up.

Astaroth was totally the musical drama star. Working part-time, recording music videos in karaoke halls, spending her money on making costumes. I might watch that show...

Uh oh. Invasion! And how does Astaroth respond? By rapping...

Lucifer says Astaroth is the 2nd of the Mortal Sins. Wow. Really slumming it on Earth for her craft. Well, it must be hard to recruit followers if you're a melancholic shut-in type.

Ah! She was so scared of Lucifer, she wet herself a little. She's so precious!

So, just like the previous battles, Lucifer wants to "beat" the Demon Lord by being better at their own recruiting tactics. In Astaroth's case, that's getting views on music videos posted online. Oh, Lucifer... what are you doing?

It's not like Astaroth chose this battle anyway. Asmodeus and Mammon took the fight to Lucifer when they were provoked. Astaroth just kept recording her songs in even more shy and depressing ways and gathered more views that way. Some idol fans really like that emo goth loli crap.

Oh, so that's what Belphegor was doing with her tablet in the first episode. She and Astaroth chat on their devices all the time.

Lucifer decided her next song wasn't going to be depressing like the one she just covered from Astaroth. Maria suggested being like an idol, but maybe Lucifer couldn't pull it off...

Challenge accepted! Lucifer's Pride wasn't going to let that go! Ha! Maria totally manipulated her into singing a cutesy happy song!

It looks like Lucifer made a mistake in covering Astaroth's song. The lyrics made her really depressed. Like crying naked in an empty bathtub depressed. That's really depressed, girl.

She was also depressed that such a horribly depressing video of Astaroth rapping had more than twice as many views as her happy-happy debut song did.

Well, the Demon Lord of Pride isn't going to stay depressed for long. Being so great makes her so happy all the time, right?

Lucifer just needed to retool her idol image to match that haughty sexy Onee-sama vibe she has.

Uh oh. Intervention! Belial and Belphegor know what Astaroth needs for her next video.

For a shut-in like Astaroth, how was a live performance ever going to be a good idea? Belial no baka!

Wait. Astaroth pulled up her panties before she left the toilet stall and then they just disappeared on stage? What happened there?

This is interesting. Lucifer is gathering Astaroth's fans to herself, but also sharing them by rescuing Astaroth. Is this Maria's influence or Lucifer recapturing her angelic ways?

That flashback of hers hinted that she thought God made a mistake about something. Maybe we'll find out what she and Michael were arguing about.

That was actually a nice performance. They rearranged Lucifer's cutesy idol song with Astaroth's songs into a medley that thematically worked together. I suppose this show is going to be working the soundtrack angle for merchandise as well.

Music has the power of friendship! Or something.

This looks like a stalemate. They didn't show a scene with Belial's curse getting weaker. On the other hand, Lucifer may have recruited another fan. She'll just have to break Astaroth's loyalty to Belial at some point.


You think they could have fixed this continuity error with that extra week they had.

Lucifer recorded the Astaroth cover wearing a blue Victorian style dress, walked out wearing that stewardess outfit she likes, and then sat down in the blue dress again.


With some new scenes in the opening credits, a new sexy girl in Astaroth, and Lucifer showing her naked depression, there was plenty of NSFW stuff going on this week.

It's been a while since we've seen Lucifer just being naked without being tentacled, tortured, or clothes melted. Just good old fashioned nudity.

Hmm. Lucifer's Barbie doll crotch was too much for even the late-night cable station.

See? Lucifer forgot to fill that tub with water. No wonder she stayed all depressed. Being naked and wet in that penthouse would knock the melancholy out of anyone.

A sheer black dress is one way to show off that haughty sexy Onee-san vibe.

Astaroth's embarrassing music video was only partially played in this week's episode, so the best nude stuff happened on an outdoor big screen. The recap episode showed the whole thing as its end credits.

Next time, we get to play with the real Lazy Demon Lord.

Astaroth took her turn in the end card, naturally.

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