Tuesday, April 04, 2017

Omake Gif Anime - THE iDOLMaSTER CINDERELLA GIRLS Theater - Episode 1 - Nono Next to Revved Up Takumi

Nono and Takumi were visiting Chieri, wearing animal ears and tails for some reason, when Nono noticed Takumi start to get excited.

Miku made the mistake of bribing Anzu with candy to cohost her cat-themed radio show. When the candy was gone, so was Anzu. Luckily, Miku had Rin as a backup nyaa~.

What made Takumi so revved up? Watching Chieri cuddle her pet bunnies! Takumi realized she could no longer deny the cuteness and had to go all out like Chieri.

Takumi goes all out in cuddling cute girls like Nono and Chieri! She felt much better afterwards.

There's an extra vignette that's aired on the web. There, Yumi attracted attention when she sang at a picnic.

In the End Credits, Uzuki takes center stage, but Mayu and Anzu still make an impact.

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