Tuesday, April 04, 2017

Omake Gif Anime - Frame Arms Girl - Episode 1 - Ao Pokes Gourai's Cheeks

It's only natural to want to poke the soft cheeks of some cute little girl you just met, right Ao? Gourai the Frame Arms Girl isn't so sure.

For some reason, Ao's dad decided to send a mecha model doll with its own personality to a girly girl more interested in fashion and cake.

Gourai had to teach Ao how to cut out the plastic model pieces and put them together. Yes, this show is a toy infomercial. The main broadcast sponsor makes those "nippers."

The plot, and how Ao is going to build her harem of little mecha girls, is that the toy company wants to test an AI with rudimentary emotions and how it performs in battle. The other girls seem to already have "emotions." Unless you don't think being tsundere or playfully lazy requires emotions.

But the real premise of the show is to have an excuse for the little girls to flash their panties all the time. It's Strike Witches meets Gundam models.

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