Friday, April 28, 2017

Omake Gif Anime - Hinako Note - Episode 4 - Hinako Surprised

Hinako was surprised at the attention her singing got from the Theater Club. In a good way!

The small busty lady we've seen in the credits and here and there throughout the season made her official introduction: Theater Club Adviser Ruriko. Supposedly, a 9 year old child actress. No way she's 9 years old...

Both Mayu and Hinako surprised the Theater Club with their hidden talents. Mayu isn't just good at head pats; she's quite the dancer. And while Hinako freezes up in front of people, she appears to be just fine while singing. She sight-read Ruriko's new music, which impressed everyone so much, Ruriko asked her to be the star of the play for the school cultural festival.

Hinako is still getting used to talking to customers. Meanwhile, Mayu is feeling left out because Chiaki is spending more time doing theater stuff instead of hanging around the store.

Is Yua worried about the dreaded underarm fat developing already? She should be fine with how much running around she does.

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