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10 Second Anime - sin Nanatsu no Taizai - Episode 1

Lucifer, first among angels, is banished from Heaven. She falls to Earth, meeting Maria, before coming to rest in the deepest circle of Hell, meeting some of the Demon Lords representing the Seven Mortal Sins. Season Premiere.

Episode 1 - "The Proud Fallen Angel"


Full on trashy aggressive lesbian nudity is back in a big way from the people who brought us Queen's Blade and Bikini Warriors. It's glorious!

The premise is simple: Lucifer has been cast out of Heaven and we follow her exploits to become the Demon King of Hell as the most mortal of the Mortal Sins: Pride.

Of course, time doesn't operate quite the way we would expect from our low understanding as mere mortals, because Lucifer should have already been occupying the Ninth Circle of Hell (according to Dante, anyway) long before a high school girl in modern times somehow becomes important to the story. That's okay. Apparently, Envy hasn't become enshrined as one of the Mortal Sins yet either.

Oh, we have to call them the Seven Mortal Sins, because the Seven Deadly Sins is already a popular manga and anime story. I'll call this the Seven Sexy Devils for short. This is a misnomer, since there's way more than seven sexy devils in the story, but it should do for now.

I see three main storylines to hold our interest in between the set scenes of nude aggressive yuri. First, why was Lucifer, the first of the Holy Virtues (Humility, go figure on that one) cast out now?

Second, Lucifer and Leviathan, representing Pride and Envy are somehow going to take the places of Vanity and another as yet unnamed Sin (Melancholy from the promotional material) and there's supposedly a reason for it. The other Sins' disrespect of Belial the Lord of Vanity hints at some kind of a backstory there. It could be just as simple as she's annoying, but it's some kind of story to be told.

And third, what is the significance of Maria mingling blood with an angel before she has fallen completely. I had to laugh. Of course it was Mary that an angel appeared to. I'm digging these allusions to Christian lore.

The Sexy Devils.

Lucifer has the perfect stuckup ojousama voice acting going on! Better yet, it's a voice that's paired with a great rack! I'm telling you, this is a rare thing.

She doesn't seem to think much of Michael the archangel. She claims she'll only ever be Number 2 because she's such a suck-up.

According to Levi (Leviathan), Lucifer has the Triple Crown: First among angels, First among angels devils want to see fall, and First among angels devils want to tease. Ha! Aggressive yuri always wants to turn that proud voice into an embarrassing squeal.

Lucifer fell while strapped to a crucifix made of sharp edges. This was apparently her weapon and armor, but the angelic bonds needed to be broken by someone else before she could use them again.

Satan found out that Lucifer kicks hard.

Ah. Belial insisted on cutting Lucifer's wings off. That probably wasn't a good idea... Oh, it definitely was not a good idea. Those wings were her last tie to God and with them gone, she became Lucifer the Demon Lord of Pride.

Leviathan, Levi, is the Demon Lord of Envy and not yet one of the Seven Mortal Sins. She's envious of them though. Naturally... She's going to be the second most important character in the show since both she and Lucifer are going to take their places as the real Mortal Sins of Envy and Pride.

I like how this show is using the accepted lore of Dante, Aquinas and Augustine to tie these specific demon and angel names to the specific Sin or Virtue. Leviathan, not just a big sea monster, although Levi does control the sea and has sea monster friends, is the demon associated with envy by Aquinas.

She has the most interesting wardrobe choices. A skirt that's really just a wide belt and no underwear except for a Band-Aid with her stuffed toy Behemoth on it. I swear I'll never understand this Japanese fetish where the nipples and vagina get covered up by Band-Aids instead of regular underwear...

I love the cultural commentary too, where the girl associated with Envy is the one who needs to follow the stuck-up ojousama and call her Onee-sama. It's usually glossed over as admiration, but naturally the dark streak in that emotion is envy.

Satan is the Demon Lord of Wrath, obviously, since Satan means to "oppose." She hits all the character points for a rough talking, hard swinging hothead. Red headed, big boobs, red armor, slight tan. This is Hobby Japan's work. They know what they're doing.

Satan is also the first Demon Lord to show us that Lucifer is ridiculously overpowered. Levi is just a summoner with sharp fingernails and a wet mouth. Satan is supposed to be a strong melee fighter and Lucifer kicks her straight into Seven Mortal Sins' throne room. Quite the way to introduce oneself.

Actually, it's just like the trashy exploitative anime this show is striving for. New stuck-up transfer student raids the girl gang and takes over, but not after overcoming some weakness that caused the transfer to begin with. Except it's Hell and these girls are the most dangerous seductive beings of medieval theology.

What if Meiko from Prison School were a Sexy Devil? Wonder no more. Same character design and voice actor have combined to give us Belial the Demon Lord of Vanity.

I mean, come on! Thigh highs, glasses, huge pair, voluptuous body, white hair. She's only missing the gratuitous shots of her sweaty crotch. I love it!

Since Vanity is only a lesser aspect of Pride, it's apparent that Belial and Lucifer are going to clash for the top position of the Mortal Sins. Belial's character stresses her rich family ties  for how she occupies her position. The other Sexy Devils seem not to be so impressed anymore.

It was a pivotal plot point that she ordered all the Demon Lords to attack an invading angel and they ignored her. Something is definitely very wrong with the current politics of the Mortal Sins. One of their number couldn't be bothered to sit in her throne either. Well, if Melancholy is depressed, she's probably holed up in her room hikikimori style. We'll see if that bears out.

Belial also felt the OP of Lucifer. Seriously, that's just not fair. This big old expensive sword and Lucifer just touchéd it with the tip of her halberd, shattering it.

After Lucifer blasted Belial's clothes off, Queen's Blade style, an armor being named Gnosis offered to equip her. Never mind the randomness of Gnosis just showing up like that (the plot concentrates on how to maneuver the girls to the next nude scene, any more than that and you're asking too much). Gnosis means knowledge and is the concept for how Man fell in the Garden of Eden after eating of the Tree of Knowledge. Knowledge without the temperance of Wisdom has always been considered Evil in medieval theology, so I was kind of stoked to see Gnosis hanging out in the depths of Hell.

Lucifer found a way to peel off her Gnosis Band-Aid too as she left Hell for Earth somehow.

We weren't given all the names of the other Sexy Devils, but we did see them in their elements as Greed, Lust, Gluttony, and Sloth.

Asmodeus, the Demon Lord of Lust, was the first to sample Lucifer's wares after getting whammied by Belial's tentacle hands attack.

Gluttony is going to be the "harenchi" girl. The pettankos usually are. She didn't like Asmodeus getting aggressively yuri in front of her and whopped her. She whopped Levi for good measure too. I loved that part.

Sloth just messes around on her tablet all the time. Watch out, kiddies. That's what this anime thinks of wasting time on your iPad. You're lazy!

Earth Girls Are Easy.

For some reason, Earth is necessary to this story. Sure, in medieval theology, the War between Good and Evil was manifestly fought in the Hearts of Men, but this is anime. Lucifer fell to the Frozen Ninth Circle and whooped it up with armor and edged weapons, so what do we need a high school girl for?

Structurally, we need high school girls to hit the fetish points for the horny target audience. Also, we can't just keep animating Hell or Heaven all the time. That's too much work for the writers and animators who want to concentrate on the sexy bodies instead of figuring out how to draw stuff from Japanese translations of Dante, Aquinas and Augustine.

Narratively, I'm fine with a girl named Maria getting involved with angels since that's a big part of the New Testament. I'm just a little uncomfortable with this obvious Virgin sharing bodily fluids with a supernatural being and getting felt up by her friend Mina.

Earth is an interesting choice for a third setting in the struggle between Heaven and Hell, so I'm curious to see where they go with it. All we know is that Lucifer put some of her blood into Maria, so now we need to find out why.


Nudity is back this season in a big way, and I'm not just talking about Belial. There is only one flat girl in this show, so far, and it's Beelzebub the Demon Lord of Gluttony. I'm most impressed with Lucifer's design because, usually, in these kinds of shows, the main character isn't the sexiest one. When almost every hot girl is a Sexy Devil, they made sure Lucifer was also going to be first among devils for bringing the smexy back. Look on for very NSFW proof how great these girls look.

Almost all of the fanservice was handled by Lucifer strapped to a cross, Levi showing off her Band-Aid, and Belial getting owned and then man-handled by her armor. The lighting was pretty harsh and bright in the frozen wasteland of Cocytus, so I'm hoping to see what Lucifer looks like in Maria's world.

Also, I was very disappointed that the end credits were censored when the whole episode was not. Boo! I suppose that's the incentive for the Blu-rays.

Lucifer gets the first shot at the sexy end card.

Next time, Levi has joined Lucifer on Earth. I'm guessing there's going to be some jealousy over Maria's special bond with the Demon Lord of Pride.

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