Sunday, April 16, 2017

10 Second Anime - Shingeki no Kyojin S2 - Episode 28

The Scouts search villages for evacuees and then try to find the breach in the wall. Eren's team rushes to investigate a Church secret related to Titans.

Episode 28 - "Southwestward"


Lots of things are beginning not to make sense to the Scouts as they fight the Titans in the countryside.

Conny's village is totally empty, except for the one Titan who can't move. But mysteries abound. The houses have been obliterated, but there's no blood anywhere. Titans only care for eating people, not damaging anything else unless they're chasing people. And if the people really evacuated first, they left behind all the horses.

The shocking moment came when the Titan talked and welcomed home Conny as if it recognized him! Conny thought he heard his mother's voice in the way the Titan spoke. Reiner was quick to move Conny out after that.

Further, the two scouting parties looked for the breach in the Wall from different directions and didn't find one. These hints point to the Titans coming from Conny's village! I checked the damage to the houses and couldn't tell if it was important that the debris was facing outward or inward, but things are definitely different than in a normal Titan intrusion.

Shut up, Armin... Yes, yes, Hange thinks the Walls are made of the Titan's hardened skin. But she had a better idea: use Eren to plug up the big hole in the outer wall. Was it established that Eren can do that too? Well, he's going to try and I hope he has better control than he did when it took so long for him to transform at will when he had to fight Annie.

We're already getting hints that Ymir has some attachment to Christa through her family. That's a narrative marker laid down for later.

Yasss! Sasha is back and she got a potato! She was a welcome bit of humor after the heavy conversation between Hange and Pastor Nick.

She also was a great bit of humor when Pastor Nick told Hange that the Order of the Wall had been tasked with monitoring a cadet by the name of... and then Sasha walked in! Gold!

At this point we don't know what name Pastor Nick gave the Scouts, but the rest of them figure they're looking for a small, blonde, cute girl.

Yup. Very cute... I quite enjoyed the humor during this act of the episode. At the same time, a monster movie was breaking out with the Scouts looking for where the Titans came from.

First we had the suspenseful darkness making the Scouts all jumpy, which was odd to me since they kept claiming that Titans don't move at night. They do have dangerous reflexes when approached, so maybe that's what they're scared of.

Then they occupied a castle ruin. Oh, no. Nothing bad ever happens in places like that...

And then all hell broke loose when the Beast Titan arrived with his group of Titans running around at night. Worse yet, that Beast Titan just jumped over the Wall. Breaking in, or back out? I couldn't tell.

Reiner and Bertolt looked like they recognized the Beast Titan.

Luckily for these Scouts, Eren's group is traveling to the same castle as they search for a cute little blondie. Levi's not going with them, but he did say three things that the three kids were going to do anyway. Well, maybe not Eren. He was told to keep it together, but he's a Shouty McShouterson type of main character.

Armin was always going to tell his theories to Hange; perhaps Levi was actually telling Hange to listen to him instead of shutting him up all the time. And Mikasa doesn't need to be told to follow and keep Eren safe. She's already been ignoring other orders to do so.

And now we're all set for a big action sequence next episode with Eren's crew coincidentally arriving at the same place.

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