Sunday, April 16, 2017

Omake Gif Anime - Boku no Hero Academia - Episode 16 - Izuku Blasts Ahead

Without even using his quirk, Izuku blasted ahead of the two favorites Todoroki and Bakugou.

The real star of the episode was Momo baring her skin to use her quirk and Minoru sticking to her using his quirk. Living the dream, that lad is.

The other kids used their quirks to get across the obstacle course, like Tsuyu, and we met other kids from the research and support education track, like Mei.

Ochako cheered Izuku on, while others like Bakugou and Momo had less than happy reactions to their placings.

R-rated Hero Midnight was back again to explain the next contest. Izuku isn't going to be happy with the price of the bounty on his head for the upcoming Calvary Battle.

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