Sunday, March 05, 2017

Omake Gif Anime - Oshiete! Galko-chan - OVA [BD] - Galko's Unforgettable Sight

Shounen already had an unforgettable memory with Galko-chan hugging him, but a naughty breeze made the memories of that day even more unforgettable!

It's been about a year since we last saw Galko-chan, so the opening scenes quickly reestablished how she looks like a gyaru but is actually a very nice normal young lady.

This is still Galko-chan, so we have to deal frankly with body issues you normally wouldn't hear teenage girls talk about in polite society. Like constipation. Naturally, Galko worried whether her tummy was getting pushed out because of her issue and she also couldn't follow Otako's advice of doing a abdominal crunch until she could see her belly button. She's got a natural barrier for that... And she can still fit into her middle school uniform, but her waist isn't the problem.

Galko-chan is still a gyaru, so nail polish techniques are very important to her. Otako thinks she could use those skills to help her paint a plastic model... Things get awkward if the nail polish is still wet and you have to answer the door. The delivery man got a nice floor show. And then belly button lint became important because a special cleaner was in the package.

Otako and Galko went out to eat, but quickly realized they were missing Ojou's third dimension of taking the conversation into new directions. It wasn't enough for Otako's weird body myths and Galko's romance logistics questions. Still, almost yuri is always a good thing.

Ojou came back from her trip and the other girls got the VIP treatment at her piano recital. Ojou is just naturally good at doing everything, including eating udon with no slurping or splashing. They also took a picture at a photo booth and Galko worried that she wasn't wearing enough to make it past an indecency filter Otako told her about. Otako was kidding about that, of course.

There were a couple of big revelations regarding Galko's big sister. We found out where she works: at a shrine as a shrine maiden! She's still a gyaru unconcerned about seeing sexy skin mags, much to the relief of Otako's older brother. He's got a thing for miko, apparently. But we also got to see Galko-Nee's eyes! Beautiful!

Pretty much every character we saw during the season got a scene in the OVA. Okako plays guitar in a band and we found out that the lingerie saleslady is the older sister of the young girl Charao is stringing along. Everybody knows everybody somehow in this town.

You saw at the top of the page the exclamation point on Shounen's unforgettable Summer memory. Galko's hug beforehand was memorable enough!

The end credits had a lot of fun showing scenes from the season last year. I hope there's some a version of it without the credit scrawl, for REASONS.

And how did that photo booth picture turn out? Very nice, actually! A nice Summer memory for the girls of Galko-chan.


  1. hey joe, wheres the eps 3 omake gif? you didnt make it? :)

    1. If I remember correctly, there wasn't anything in there to make a gif or a stitched image. The girls probably still looked great, but I try to find scenes that need more than a static screencap. I'm glad you enjoyed my posts!