Monday, March 06, 2017

Omake Gif Anime - Gabriel DropOut - Episode 9 - Raphiel Vignette Merry Christmas

This show about angels and devils makes clear that Christmas is about the birth of Jesus Christ. Merry Christmas!

Raphiel as an angel, is all set to celebrate her Lord's birthday, but Vignette still wants to celebrate the commercial holiday. Either way, with Satania coming over, Raphiel got excited for mischief making.

Satania wanted to ruin Christmas somehow, she's a devil after all, but Vignette just wanted a nice Christmas party. Raphiel's idea to hypnotize her with melon bread was a nice compromise for entertaining mischief and still celebrating Christmas.

With Satania kind of subdued, the next bits of mischief involved dressing up for the party and decorating the cake. Satania playing the reindeer and Raphiel dropping a huge cross into the cake after Satania ate the centerpiece decoration kept Vignette on the edge of panic as Raphiel kept teasingly jogging Satania's memory about Christmas Day.

After Gab showed up, things with Satania went ludicrously out of control, with even that white dog coming in to steal her melon bread and slap her around.

This was holiday episode, apparently, so the next thing to do was go to a Shinto shrine on New Year's Eve. Raphiel was ready to feel all blasphemous while Satania got her kimono and yukata outfits messed up. Gab got drunk on the non-alcoholic sweet sake, because someone had to, and almost caused a mass panic by flying around in her angelic form.

Before school started up again, the devils and angels needed to visit home. Vignette handled the transportation like a true magical girl. This show had an interesting take on how Heaven and Hell are located and how they deal with Customs and Border Controls. Gab thought she could smuggle her gaming devices into Heaven, but she was wrong.

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