Saturday, March 04, 2017

Omake Gif Anime - Demi-chan wa Kataritai - Episode 9 - Sakie Has a Suggestion

Sakie finally had her turn for a conversation about her demi-chan powers with Takahashi. How would he handle the erotic powers of a succubus?

It all started with Ugaki, her Demi-chan Bureau handler, interrupting her drunk reveries about her crush on Takahashi. He said it was time for her to blast him with her aphrodisiac powers! She convinced herself to try because she wanted to Takahashi's blushing face.

Most of Sakie's reluctance to use her succubus powers came from her belief that any attraction caused by them weren't real. Takahashi had a different idea. I really don't know how he was able to think, let alone sit or get up comfortably, with Sakie's ero mode turned on. He must have thanked that white lab coat he always wears.

Takahashi's idea was that a succubus just has more sex appeal than a normal woman, which amplifies sexual attraction instead of implanting it. Men need to be sexually attracted to a succubus in some way for her powers to work. We knew that already because Ugaki said the aphrodisiac nature doesn't work on gays or other hetero women. This was important to Sakie to realize because it meant that Takahashi could have real feeling for her. Not only that, she finally got him to show his "hnnnggghhh!!!" face in front of her!

Sakie sounded and acted just like a love-struck teenager when she told Ugaki how it went. His little succubus was growing up.

Sakie needs to learn to stop talking to herself out loud. She and Yuki are now manga buddies. They have to hide it for some reason.

The weather is getting hotter and Yuki wanted to see if she could use her snow-woman powers to beat that heat. Not very well, apparently. All the demi-chans like hanging out in Takahashi's air-conditioned biology lab anyway. Kyouko turned out to have another problem with the heat: hiding those watermelons!

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