Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Omake Gif Anime - One Room - Episode 11 - Moka Good Morning

You were supposed to be the one to take care of Moka when she got sick, but she woke you up in the morning. Way to help out, stud.

A sudden rainstorm got Moka and you all wet, so then Moka had a bashful time of dealing with showering with you in her apartment.

You suddenly remembered this show was all about the male gaze, so you had to look in the obvious places. Moka wasn't mad about that, but that her music career still wasn't going anywhere.

Moka got sick and you kept her company. Maybe you get used to waking up to that beautiful sight every morning. Better make sure she doesn't go back home, then.

These scrolling end scenes usually reference something in the current episode, but this looks like Moka is picking out a cute dress for you in the final episode next week.

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