Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Omake Gif Anime - Akiba's Trip The Animation - Episode 12 - Urame vs Matome

Matome's Evil Twin was actually just her twin sister Urame. Their final confrontation sets up for the season finale!

Lots of things happened to put our Tomatsu into an emotional hole for his heroic redemption arc. The harrowing of Akiba and the sudden absence of Arisa helped that out.

By the power of his younger sister's panties, Tomatsu regained his resolve. Eh, not really, but I did like how Niwaka's chicken head hoodie outfit extended to her underwear.

Tomatsu got his groove back and his superpowers. When did he learn that Matome kissed him to make that happen? When Urame kissed him to take them away?

Urame wasn't done yet! But God Bless America and Arisa's timely return from there.

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