Thursday, March 09, 2017

Omake Gif Anime - Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku wo! 2 - Episode 9 - Megumin Darkness Strike

This was supposed to be a hot springs town and we finally got the onsen episode to go with it. Complete with Kazuma peeking at the girls and the requisite payback.

The Church of the Axis Cult was just as creepy as the rest of the town with its crazy evangelist members. They even let Aqua play a priest absolving sins.

Kazuma got a good look at the mixed bath along with a stunning redhead demon. She and the bearded man are related to Wiz somehow. Instead of steam censorship, we got water condensation dripping on the camera lens. To Love-Ru did this first...

Megumin and Darkness entered the women's bath and entrapped Kazuma into peeking at them. It wasn't his fault! How could he not check out what Darkness was going to do to Megumin's little butt... Hey! Don't throw Chomusuke too!

Both Kazuma and the bearded guy got fed up with all the cultish recruiting, even trying to sell soap as part of their pitch.

Aqua found out she couldn't enjoy the hot springs because she kept purifying them into plain hot water when she touched them. Her own believers wouldn't accept her as the Goddess they worship! Believers not believing her!

At breakfast, Aqua decided she had to do something about the town's drop in water quality, which sounded like a made-up conspiracy. Megumin concentrated on Chomusuke instead. I guess all was forgiven for the tossing him over the onsen fence from the day before.

Megumin and Kazuma tried to walk around the city again, but the Axis cultists still followed them around. Wiz dropped tantalizing hints about her adventuring days before she became undead.

Aqua's demonstration in front of her fountain got the people riled up against her as a witch impersonator. That night, they came ready to burn her at the stake!

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