Friday, March 10, 2017

Omake Gif Anime - Urara Meirochou - Episode 10 - Chiya Excited

Chiya was super excited to start her Urara promotion exam.

The exam would be a treasure hunt in the labyrinth beneath the town. There were going to be booby traps but there were also going to be ogres, "oni," who would try to catch the students. They were played by the other 9 teachers since Tokie was the proctor. Oni-na-sensei made a big splash with Saku and her own students.

Chiya realized that she didn't have a divination specialty like Koume's Dowsing Pendulum, Kon's Kokkuri Summoning or Nono's Matsuko Ventriloquism. But she did have Wild Instincts!

Some of the traps were dangerous. Others were just really annoying, to Kon that is.

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