Saturday, March 25, 2017

Omake Gif Anime - Demi-chan wa Kataritai - Episode 12 [END] - Demi-chans Into the Pool

The demi-chans didn't actually talk to Takahashi about how to beat the Summer heat, but Hikari figured they could do something with the newly opened pool.

Hikari tried to look all vampire-like using Takahashi's lab coat. Then she asked if they could use the pool.

Sakie was still worked up about asking Takahashi out on that video, but then it seemed like Takahashi asked her out for Saturday! Oh, it was to play in the pool with the other demi-chans.

It wouldn't be the very special pool episode with Sakie showing us her cute bikini. It was too much for Takahashi (erotic) and too much for Sakie (embarrassing).

I suppose it's still too much for us to see Sakie's bikini bottoms. Kimura and Imori came by too. Kimura noticed that Kyouko and Sakie weren't the only ones filling out their swimsuits.

Besides Sakie trying out showing her swimsuit to Takahashi, Kyouko's big deal was dunking her head underwater, a very iffy situation for a dullahan. Also, Sakie and Kyouko both freaked out over Takahottie's buff body. Dayum, when does this biology teacher work out?

The demi-chans got to have a pool day with their friends (sorry, girls only, and Satake almost got whammied to death by Sakie's bikini unveiling). Demi-chan or normal, it doesn't matter. They're all friends.

Thank you demi-chans for such a charming little slice-of-life show. I'm hoping for another season very soon and I'm rooting for Sakie and Takahashi!

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