Saturday, March 25, 2017

Omake Gif Anime - Urara Meirochou - Episode 12 [END] - Saku Gives Nono Drunken Head Pats

What better way to celebrate a successful promotion exam than a spa day? The adults get to drink in the hot springs and the kids get their drunken affection. Seems fair...

When it comes to onsen hijinks, comparing bodies in the changing room is an anime convention. Chiya did not like the idea of Koume hiding her poochy tummy with her Western corset.

That convention immediately turned into cross-character cosplay. Chiya had actually done Kon cosplay before when she met Kon's mother Tokie. Even Matsuko the doll dressed up as a witch!

The adults weren't going to let the girls be the only ones to have fun with fashion. Saku's subordinates rightfully revere her amazing zettai ryouiki. Meanwhile, Kon couldn't stand how breezy Chiya's regular clothes are. This isn't confirmation of Chiya no-pan, is it?

Oushima and Shiozawa were in their element for Saku appreciation because Saku couldn't really fight back. Saku has fans. She should be used to that from Nina's antics growing up.

Speaking of antics, Nina and Saku have a long history of getting drunk together. Saku even knows Nina's four stages of drunkenness.

With the ladies sufficiently sloshed and the girls sufficiently warmed up from the water, it was definitely time for strange towel dances and near nudity tricks. Koume totally forgot the number one rule of magic: know where your audience is looking! Also, the responsible adults and responsible Kon were the ones who got irresponsibly overheated.

The girls and Nina-sensei were sad that their time together at Divining School was over, but the girls were also excited to see what the Level 9 school would be like. It's not like they can't visit Nina and Saku. They've got gate passes now!

This show was quintessential cute-girls-do-cute-things. It was light, fluffy for the most part and just relaxing to watch. I wouldn't be surprised if we saw another season in a couple of years.

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