Sunday, February 26, 2017

Finds from the Grind - The Glen Oaks Descent

Here's the full descent of Glen Oaks, the 2017 edition. This two mile climb is one of my base fitness building training routes. In the beginning of the year, I'll climb it every day for three weeks. Then it will become one of my weekly training routes, where I'll climb it once a week. Funnily enough, while I improve my speed going up it when it gets warmer and I shed my holiday weight, I set my downhill records for the year when I'm "fat and slow." That might not be true this year, because of the wet Winter we're having, I can't really push the corners because of rockslides, water streams and work vehicles. Still, it's always fun to go down this hill, especially when I can mark its hazards as I slowly work myself up it.

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