Monday, February 27, 2017

Omake Gif Anime - Gabriel DropOut - Episode 8 - Raphiel's Tight Bra

Raphiel deals with beautiful angel problems: she keeps outgrowing her bras.

Raphiel just wanted to make it through the school day without her bra breaking, but a physical fitness exam put her through comedic anxiety. She almost made it, but then she just had to beat Satania at something to stop her from being insufferable. She won the race, her breasts won free of their binding and the we, the audience, also won!

Vignette bribed Gab to make her do the physical fitness test, but Gab was at her limit for barbecued meat.

Satania thought she was going to be the best at all the physical fitness tests, but she was gracious enough to give her homemade medal to Raphiel for winning long distance race.

The girls had to prepare for a mock job interview, but Gab gave Satania a book on job interview horror stories. Things went about as well as you would expect from Satania.

Satania thought sharing an umbrella with Raphiel was going to be minefield of teasing. However, Satania found out something good about Raphiel: she's afraid of frogs!

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