Thursday, January 19, 2017

Omake Gif Anime - Akiba's Trip The Animation - Episode 3 - Mania's Photo Shoot

The girls got scouted to be an idol group and quickly learned all about the angles certain photographers like.

Matome expressed her frustration at Tamotsu's new idol fascination by stuffing her face at Carl's Jr. Their burgers are chargrilled instead of charbroiled.

Chibusa Benikage, a longtime idol insider and producer, was touted as the villain (nice plot twist actually) but she scouted Arisa, Matome and Tamotsu's little sister.

There's a lot of work behind the scenes for idols. Like training and taking lewd pictures.

Haha! The Pool, infamous for its many porno shoots, made for a very special setting as our idol group made a fast progression through the usual exploitations.

Arisa made the most of her gravure shot, until she nearly went topless too early in her career. That's supposed to be the fallback card when her career goes South. Get your early orders for Arisa's hug pillow...

Oh yeah. This show is supposed to be about fighting mind-controlling aliens. Hey, anything that gets Chibusa out of her dress is a good thing.

The twist was that Chibusa was not a higher class Bug like her photographer. She was just a possessed victim. Anyone with sexy hair like that can't be all bad.

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