Wednesday, January 18, 2017

10 Second Anime - Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon - Episode 2

Touru adjusts to living in Kobayashi's town. Kanna, another dragon, joins Touru at Kobayashi's home.

Episode 2 - "Second Dragon, Kanna! (We're Totally Spoiling Here)"


Well, that escalated quickly. I mean, the second member of Kobayashi's dragon harem moved in before the episode was half over.

Touru feels scared inside big buildings because they remind her of crusader castles. Little market streets are more her thing since she like the bazaars of her world. Way to stick in the traditional culture propaganda, KyoAni.

Ah. Touru makes her tail disappear when she wants to.

Kobayashi was a little surprised and felt a little inadequate, that Touru got along so well with strangers and other "inferior foolish humans." She's a sociable dragon.

Of course a dragon who knows Latin would know that the French pastry éclair means "flash of lightning."

There were some world-building tidbits dropped during this episode. Like Touru's parents chose her name from an author in this world, not that it was based on Thor the Norse god. Kobayashi has played enough of those fantasy games to even ask that question. I understand there's a Touru dragon in Puzzle and Dragons...

Oh, Touru knows how to make weak attacks like normal humans. Please.

What kind of humans does she know where she came from?

Ha! Touru is such a fangirl for Kobayashi. "I won't wash this hand for a while."

Uh oh. Goth loli stalker.

Hahaha! Look at how jealous, and how quickly, Touru gets!

Well, obviously this little girl is going to be another dragon. I mean, I watched the opening credits.

This is Kanna Kamui, a young friend of Touru's from their world.

Kamui, or kamuy, is an Ainu word for god. That explains the tribal elements on Kanna's outfit.

Kanna Kamuy is a dragon monster from one of the Final Fantasy games.

Hoh. Kanna thinks that holding hands is perverted. Such a young naïve dragon.

It's not perverted if it's true love, silly!

Kanna doesn't care! She wants her Touru back!

Ah. Somehow, she's kind of tired. Growing dragons need their naptime.

Kanna mentioned that the mana around there was too impure, yet Touru was always topped up. Where does she get her power from? Must be rabu-rabu power!

Oh, never mind. iKanna just needed the proper adapter.

Kanna and Touru want to roughhouse outside, but they said they would limit their playfulness to what humans can do.

Humans can't do that!

Of course they can. What? What?

Again I ask, just what kind of fantastical world do these dragons come from?

Kanna said those crepes were sweet like Yatagarasu eggs. In Japan, the three-legged crow Yatagarasu is the god of guidance.

Haha. Kobayashi explained that a seesaw is not catapult training for little kids.

Kanna and Touru had a nice conversation about how Touru ended up in this world: near death, she escaped and let only a few other people know she was alive. Kanna only found out because she saw Touru use that sky clearing magic from the last episode.

I'm even more curious about how Kobayashi got that big sword out of Touru the dragon. While drunk too!

Kanna hasn't learned how to use invisibility magic yet.

We got the end credits for the second episode with the dragon ladies singing the ending song.

We're going to be seeing the busty dragon with the shorty shorts next week. Can't wait!

The Fun Stuff.

Touru still doesn't trust the stove's fire and she keeps trying to get Kobayashi to eat her tail. There's a metaphor there, I'm sure. And I hope Kobayashi is not referencing "How to Train Your Dragon." Oh... she totally is.

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