Sunday, December 11, 2016

Omake Gif Anime - Okusama ga Seitokaichou! S2 - Episode 11 - Karen No-pan Naughty Wind

Karen suffered the usual setback of wearing a short skirt: an inopportune gust of wind. Especially unlucky on the day she forgot important undergarments as she rushed out of the house after oversleeping.

Of course, the first person Karen flashed in the morning was Hayato. Why is it always that guy? Because he's the harem king of this show. Duh.

Hayato tried to understand why Ui thinks Karen is cute. Well, she hits many of the points a tsundere twintail pettanko is supposed to have. She even has zettai ryouiki!

Hayato, ever the horny teenager, naturally started thinking about the rare sight he saw that morning after thinking about that zettai ryouiki...

Girls, naturally, know the power they have over men, and Karen was no different in giving Hayato the haitenai treatment. This was kind of self-defeating because he already knew she was no-pan from the beginning.


Karen, even though she's shy, still provided the NSFW moment in Hayato's imagination.

Hayato knew Karen rushed out of the house, forgetting to tie up her hair and put on panties. Of course, the most important part of that scenario was the rushed drying off.

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