Monday, December 12, 2016

Omake Gif Anime - Bikini Warriors - Episode 13 [BD] - Fighter Dark Elf Struck by Magic

Any time a magical attack doesn't hurt, you can bet some humiliating sexy time is coming soon. The question is whether Fighter and Dark Elf will be humiliated or do the humiliating...

It turned out that Fighter and Dark Elf couldn't control themselves in groping and caressing Paladin and Mage. True to character, Mage was miffed but Paladin went right back to the enemy with the sexy magical attack.


This is the extra episode that came with the blu-rays and it was the only one that actually showed real boobs. Totally made up for all the teasing that the other episodes did, especially Episode 6. Banzai for NSFW uncensored Bikini Warriors!

Fighter got paired up with Paladin. They really put on a show for the bystanders.

Dark Elf put her hands, and more, on Mage. As you saw above, Mage isn't as masochistic as Paladin. Maybe if they weren't out in the middle of the pubic square she wouldn't have had to smack Fighter and Dark Elf with her own magic.

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