Saturday, October 29, 2016

Finds from the Grind - Full GMR Descent

This is the full descent of Glendora Mountain Road with GPS data overlays. Be aware, that is a full 20 minute video of the entire 9 mile descent from the top of Glendora Mountain Road to the bottom at Sierra Madre Avenue in Glendora.

Fun things to pay attention to if actually want to sit through the whole thing:
  • The cadence meter doesn't start immediately when I take off because the bike computer has to find the sensor's broadcast first.
  • I probably would have passed the little black car later if it weren't for the ASU jersey guy in his way.
  • I was cramping in both groin muscles after only a quarter of the descent. This always happens to me after three hours of climbing and then I have to use my legs differently when I go downhill. It's only pain...
I haven't done one of these GPS overlays in a while, mainly because the Garmin video editing software that does it was written pretty badly two years ago, causing lots of crashes when trying to read both video and GPS files at the same time. I'm glad to see its updates have figured this out. It's encoder is much better too, giving me equivalent file sizes with my usual video editing suite instead of the ballooning files it used to output. I'll have to use the new VIRB software more often.

Here's bonus video of me refilling powdered mix. It still didn't help with my cramping, but I've dialed in my nutritional and hydration intake for a 4 hour ride where I never felt hungry or dried out.

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