Friday, October 28, 2016

Finds from the Grind - Glendora Mountain Road Northern Climb

Here's a time lapse of the northern climb of Glendora Mountain Road from East Fork on Oct. 1. This was the first time I ever went up this road. It's a 5.2 mile climb from East Fork to the top of Glendora Mountain Road, but it comes after climbing San Gabriel Canyon Road for 11 miles and rolling up and down East Fork Road for 6 miles before the turn upward.

I kept trying to find my crash site from eleven years ago, but all those blind curves looked the same, so I wasn't sure where it happened. I did pretty good for the 6% average gradient, only getting passed by one strong rider and one motorcycle. I think I'll make this one of my regular climbing routes next year, once I'm back in shape to handle 60 milers, because the descent of GMR down to Glendora is really the best part.

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