Sunday, June 26, 2016

Omake Gif Anime - Sansha Sanyou - Episode 12 [END] - Three Girls Run

The three friends Youko, Hayama and Futaba run to their favorite spot for lunch. A great scene to end the season.

Youko shows you how to tie a Half Windsor.

This dream version of Youko lets her ojou-sama laugh out a little too readily.

Dream version Youko was extremely suspicious of dream versions Hayama and Futaba.

Dream version Youko still consoled herself with bread crusts.

This is how we knew for sure it was a dream. A tall, stacked Sonobe isn't just a personality change.

Punishment from this Sonobe? I'm curious!

Sakura, Futaba's cousin, aspires to be an idol. Well, she definitely has the volume levels down.

The Three Girls didn't appreciate the notes coming out of her loud mouth.

After seeing Sakura's twin tails, Youko wondered what other hairstyles she could try.

Hayama version Youko, complete with glasses, that did not come from Hayama. So, where did they come from?

Futaba thought she'd try to show a little feminine mystique.

Utter failure when food came nearby, though.

Thank you, girls, for a funny and cute comedy!

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