Monday, June 27, 2016

10 Second Anime - Flying Witch - Episode 11

The witches visit an ancient traveling wonder. Kei makes hotcakes. Anzu explains things.

Episode 11 - "A Whale in the Sky"


This episode was a week late because of some broadcast schedule change.

Makoto really is some kind of mundane witch. Having Akane make their cousins' house a home base of sorts was a neat way of showing the difference between a witchy witch and one who uses her powers sparingly.

Come on, Makoto! You've got to keep up with the witch news through the morning delivery. Maybe she doesn't like waking up so early.

The newspaper delivery was good foreshadowing that something extra witchy was going to happen this episode.

This kind of slice of life, where the wonderment of magic is mostly hinted at, makes it possible to have awe-inspiring visuals and let the imagination soar at what kind of civilization and culture the witches really have.

You know, there really was a little whale-shaped cloud in the sky. If the witches hadn't put on the magic ointment to let them see the flying whale, what would that cloud have looked like?

A flying whale wandering around the world is interesting enough, but to discover that it was really the magical ruins of an ancient witch culture really evokes a hidden mysterious world.

Hey, witches like gothic arches and ceilings. Who knew?

After seeing the medieval influences on this witch architecture, it only made sense to have one of those slice of life meetings with a newer character to learn more about her. It's Anzu!

Her hobbies are history, anthropology and archaeology. Of course she would go visit the Whale in the Sky.

She was just as impressed with the cousins' traditional Japanese house.

Ha! Kenny the cat is her mentor in all things anthropological. He's even presented papers!

All these revelations would have been fine with the kids just sitting around, but this show loves to ground things in the real world too. Kei demonstrated real mundane magic: fat hotcakes!

Keeping with the consistent continuity of the show, Makoto just had to share her pickled radishes. She grew a lot so she had to pickle a lot!

Anzu knows things about stuff. Like the history of pancakes in Japan. It's only been about 70 years, you know.

Since Anzu is a witch, that must mean she has a familiar too. Say hello to Aurore the owl.

The punchline of the episode was how Aurore came bearing Akane's tab from the café. Just another way of showing her flighty nature.

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