Sunday, June 05, 2016

Omake Gif Anime - Netoge no Yome wa Onnanoko ja Nai to Omotta - Episode 9 - Ako Logic Shock

The shock for Nanako, Akane and Kyou wasn't at Ako's views for online and real life marriage as equivalent, but that they started to agree!

After that shock, all the girls at Kyou's sleepover attempted to chat with Rusian, but since it was from the Master's chatbox, the confusing stream of words came from the same character!

I like how this show puts their characters in different clothes than just the school uniform and not-school uniform.

Kyou's mansion is just another dungeon for Ako to explore.

Kyou knows how to use lighting to make her questions more dramatic.

I admire her spirit, but I don't trust Ako's martial arts skills.

And then it was time for "girls talk" in the huge bath.

This is Kyou's bathroom, so she's used to just strutting around it in the altogether.

Ako still has social anxiety about spending time physically with other people, but Nanako is deliberately ignorant of such "special" problems.

You're telling me it took 9 episodes for Akane to notice that she was the only pettanko of the group?

Kyou has lots of theories for building and maintaining a healthy body. I think they're just specific to her healthy body...

Nanako is pretty tan compared to the other diehard gamers as she obviously spends more time outside than they do. Ako claims to be proud of her squishy lifestyle.

Ah! Drama! Ako doesn't know what Rusian's favorite body type is. She needs the others' help to make comparisons. They didn't seem to like that idea.

The chase was on! I got a big kick out of Nanako somehow fooling Ako into thinking she was on her side for the naked video chat idea. Nope.

I appreciated the running "boin" joke and how they even roped Rusian into it online.

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