Saturday, June 04, 2016

Omake Gif Anime - Gakusen Toshi Asterisk - Episode 22 - Eroge Claudia Dances

The triumphant return of Eroge Claudia made me forget all about those robots. Squee! She's dancing!

It was nice to see Flora in happier circumstances.

Claudia still wears that same robe at night. Stupid floating screen getting in the way...

A fancy party needs fancy dresses. Claudia and Julis are quite used to this stuff.

Kirin, not so much. Saya is comfortable in whatever.

The lolis are getting scandalized while the worldly Claudia saw nothing to get bothered about.

Looks like Ayato handled all the hot and bothered reactions from Julis showing him how a man escorts a lady properly.

No, I'll have to disagree with Kirin here. That dress fits her very well. Very well...

Kirin should get used to getting compliments from older guys.

Kirin didn't quite get the hang of holding on to an escort's arm. A bit too much squeezing going on there.

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