Thursday, June 02, 2016

Omake Gif Anime - Anne Happy - Episode 9 - Sagonomiya Sensei Handles Daikon

Sagonomiya Sensei brings a certain amount of spirit to the practical cooking class.

Ms. Sagonomiya rides a bike to work. Not uncommon in Japan, but she perked my interest in a couple of dimensions.

The serious teacher of the athletic divisions likes making dramatic entrances.

And likes making dramatic rescues too. Mixing the bad luck class with gas fire stoves seems like a bad idea to me.

I do like her diligence... and her sense of fashion.

She's always taking notes in class and showing off her... fashion.

Our main three girls still have their own issues to explore, but at least they have good friends in each other to lighten their moods.

It's going to take more than a stove fire and a fire extinguisher to dampen Hanako's spirit.

Yay! Sleepover!

Botan recovered from her usual hardships in Hibari's cute and comfy chair.

Botan confirmed that Hibari really likes pink.

Botan claims it's not drinking milk that increases bust size, but avoiding coffee. Hanako doesn't know how she would survive without coffee.

Having her friends sleep over cheered Hibari up and helped her get over her unlucky spillage in cooking class.

Well, the swimsuit episode snuck up on me, but it is Episode 9, so here we are.

Botan has prescription goggles. Too bad she doesn't usually stay in the water long enough to use them for very long.

I find it hilarious that Hanako still manage to bring fish and seaweed back with her from almost drowning at the school pool.

Hanako has the unlucky ability of holding a strong static charge for a long time after a lightning strike.

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